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Cast Horses

We supply safe, reliable horses for actors or doubles to ride on busy film sets.  With over 100 horses, Performance Livestock can accommodate to any script requirement. We have many different breeds of horses, in a range of colours and sizes, and if we do not have the exact horse you want, we can find it! 

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Liberty Trained Horses

Whether you require a single white stallion galloping free across a wide open plain, or a herd of trained horses to run free across a river bed, we have the horses and the experience to deliver unforgettable footage.

Our horses are trained to:

- Rear on Command
- Run to a Mark
- Run from A to B

- Head Work (Nod Yes or No, Look Back, Head Up, Head Down)
- Push objects
- Lay Down
- Bow, Neal & Sit
- Fetch

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Stunt Horses

We have Australia’s most reliable Stunt horses which are trained to perform amazing stunts on camera...  Our horses are accustomed to working in a variety of situations such as busy city streets, office buildings, battle sequences, in elevators, on barges, on trains, around explosives, around fire, water etc. 

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Small Animals

Although we specialise in horses, we also supply a range of small animals. We are experienced in training and working with Dogs for films and much more... If you have a specific enquiry we can help... Just contact us for a fuss free quote!

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