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With Australia’s largest collection of working Horse Drawn Vehicles

We are able to supply any style vehicle required. Whether you need Stagecoaches Landau carriages, Hansom Cabs, Jail wagon, Gypsy wagon, carts, wagons, buggies, sulkies or sleighs we offer over 130 horse drawn vehicles to choose from.

Horse drawn vehicles can be modified to suit your specific look and can be constructed to suit stunt requirements.

We can supply harness trained horses to pull any wagon; from ponies in small traps to stage coach 4, 5 & 6 in hand teams, Clydesdale teams as well as Bullock teams.

The Ware Family are renowned to be the most experienced harness horsemen in Australia

If you would like to use any of the below horse drawn vehicles, please send us an email specifying the name of the vehicle, and we can supply you with a quote for your event or production.

If what you are looking for is not pictured, just email us, as I am sure we will find it for you! 

Town Carriage
C-sprung Landau with hood
C-Sprung Town Carriage
Canoe Landau
Single Horse Broughm
1860's Fire Engine
GS Army Wagon
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1880's Omnibus
Cobb & Co Stagecoach
Circus Wagon
Butchers Cart
Tip Dray
Single Horse Sulky
White 6 seater Landau
Farmers Wagonette
Single Horse Lorry
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Pair Horse Lorry
Baroach Carriage
Adelaide Express Buggy
Jail Wagon
American Style Chuck Wagon
Boat Wagon
Hooded Drovers Wagon
Mule Cart
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